Strong Back, Soft Front

As human beings, we have a deep desire for love and connection. We also have a deeply embedded fear of rejection and shame. 

However, the only way to open our hearts and to create a meaningful connection is to allow ourselves to fully be seen. We have to be willing to be vulnerable and exposed in the face of that fear and doubt.

Willingness to explore yourself, deal with your emotions and tap into your own inner wisdom. Sit for a moment and let the concept of a strong back, soft front really sink into your being.

What does it mean to have a strong back and soft front?

Strong back- is about equanimity and our capacity to uphold ourselves, especially during difficult times. 

It means we are cultivating an ability to maintain a calm mind with emotional and mental stability. It enables us to be grounded, rooted, and strong while remaining flexible, adaptable, and open to change.

Soft front- is about opening to things as they are. It’s about accepting life as it is rather than longing or worrying about the future and wishing things were different. 

Cultivating this quality within ourselves enables us to remain open to life without shutting down or closing our hearts.

Consistently remind yourself to meet your life with a strong back and a soft front.

I teach weekly online activation platform Ready Set Reset. We get busy in our daily lives and forget to nourish the most important part of us, the only part that we get to keep beyond this earthly life. A weekly reset is your time to create a powerful intent and focus on the manifestations you are creating in your life. 

Join us in Ready Set RESET and witness your powerful transformation to your highest potential!


Daily Affirmations:
All the blockages disappear. I am healthy now.

"I release all blockages that are preventing me from receiving abundance."

"I am delighted by the blessings that easily manifest for me.
My life is full of things to be grateful for."

“Embrace and love your body, it's the most amazing gift you will ever own.”


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