The Mini-Reset Toolbox

Discover three of my tools to stay grounded, centered, and at peace, during these times.

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Do you want to  shift out of struggle and into ease? Would you like to feel supported, grounded and empowered, manifesting your highest and best dreams? Join us in Ready Set RESET and witness your powerful transformation to your highest potential!

What's included in your monthly membership?
  • Weekly reset 30-45 minute live calls through Zoom + video recordings.
  • Monthly New Moon Manifestation circles, live + video recording.
  • Access to audio meditations on the membership platform.
  • 10% discount off any future courses.

We get busy in our daily lives and forget to nourish the most important part of us, the only part that we get to keep beyond this earthly life… To enrich our soul and grow spiritually is the biggest gift we can give ourselves and it will have the most profound effect in our own life as well as the lives we affect. It is the best service to humanity as each ripple adds more to the expansion of light.

We carry incredible power and confidence in our daily lives when we are functioning from a place of wholeness and connection. The biggest benefit you can receive is by committing to staying aligned and empowered, regardless of life’s circumstances.

A weekly reset is your time to create a powerful intent and focus on the manifestations you are creating in your life. It is a time to gather together and feel supported within a community who are all focused on their expansion and growth. 

Join us and let’s grow our lights together.

“If not now, then when? If not you, then who?”

Weekly Resets

These sessions will create a solid landing pad for you in the midst of the noise of life. You will find yourself empowered and connected to your purpose and reset to confidently move forward.

Loving Community

Connecting with a like-minded community is essential for our personal growth and expansion. Feel loved, accepted, and supported as you walk through your transformation.

Tools For Expansion

Shirin lovingly provides you with heart centered bonuses and additional tools on your path, such as new moon manifestation circles, guided meditations and others.

Commit to activating your full potential. A weekly reset is your time to create a powerful intent and focus on the manifestations you are creating in your life.

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