Today in our world we are surrounded by gifted healers, healing with Universal forces. They are knowledgeable and aware of spiritual transformation for our mind, body and spirit. Shirin is one of these gifted healers and a teacher that is able to connect with the core of who you are. Wondrously delightful in spirit, she is dedicated to your well being. Her naturalness is accompanied by her impeccability, genuine caring and empowerment for others. Well versed in Theta Healing waves as well as other healing practices makes her an individual that has great understanding to work with the aspects of you that are transforming. I have been blessed by her works and her phenomenal abilities. Shirin is comforting, insightful and uses her clairvoyant sight to focus on what needs shifting in your consciousness.

Ka'chi, spiritual revealer and pastoral counselor

Shirin is one of the most gifted healers I have worked with.  Not only is she extremely warm and kind but she is a powerful instrument for personal evolution and growth.  Whenever I have the chance to work with her, I feel a full body reset and the ongoing worries seem to fade to an absolute presence.  I am so grateful that she is doing her work. I would definitely recommend her healing for all those looking for a deeper connection to themselves.


Sonal Shah Taylor MD
Owner at Rasayana Wellness

"It was my absolute pleasure to have taken 4 years of online Theta Healing classes with Shirin. She is extremely talented with her connection with Creator (God) and is one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. Although I have never met her in person, she stole my heart as I took her online classes. She is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Shirin’s sincerity helps her students discover inner blocks and then creates an environment that promotes healing with unconditional love and light. Her teachings are inspiring and life changing. Shirin is very intuitive and caters to the individual and collective needs of the class. She is always available for questions and open to new ideas. I would always look forward to her classes, and throughout the lessons I learned so much about myself. It was my pleasure to experience Shirin’s classes to grow and blossom under her guiding light! I would highly recommend her future classes."

Iram Soomro

"I’ve been doing theta work with Shirin for almost 10 years now and this form of meditation and healing has transformed the way I view, process and handle both past and present adversity. Her online classes have given me the opportunity to continue this important work and self-development no matter where I am. I’m truly grateful for this work as it has been an important part of allowing me to gain freedom from past patterns that were holding me back."

Mehrnoush Yazdanyar

"I have several online classes including Theta and New Moon manifestations. Shirin’s energy emanates through the screen and in the room. I always feel grounded and centered, the same way I felt when in the same room with her, as I also took many in person classes with her. What I got out of the online classes was as powerful as being in person. (minus the hugs and kisses). I was still able to manifest my intentions just as well.  I’m looking forward to restarting the online classes once launched."

Loretta Kyebasuuta

"I've been working with Shirin for over a year, and in that time I've cultivated a stronger, deeper, more significant relationship to my own capacity for love and light. She is a powerful woman, with a tremendous capacity to facilitate healing and growth."

Amy Wilson, Independent Film Maker

"Working with Shirin and learning how to use theta has been the most empowering experience of my life. She is an accomplished healer, an inspiring teacher and she generously gave me the gift of how to heal myself and others. Shirin is a gentle, gracious guide that allows me to learn and unfold at my own pace, as Divine time allows it. Nowhere in her being or her teaching does ego ever enter. Her intentions are always very clear and focused — to hold a safe, sacred space that allows you to experience your OWN true potential power. My gratitude to the Divine, to Shirin and to myself, for being open and brave enough to experience my true potential. My life has become the life of my dreams — I use what Shirin has taught me to continue to manifest my heart's every wish."

Alia Shah, Theta Healing and reiki practitioner

"I just want to thank you, Shirin, so much for the fabulous work you did on me. I feel so liberated! I can almost describe it as I always walked around with a hollow pit inside me. I absolutely feel whole and confident. It hasn't even phased me twice about not feeling worthy. I am noticing now that my whole life I functioned with this feeling of being lesser than. I don't carry that horrible feeling around with me anymore. Shirin, I feel so blessed that I found you and I thank you so much for what you have done for me!"


"I first connected with Shirin seven years ago. Since then, she has helped me manifest all of my dreams. Shirin is a woman of pure love and grace. Those who are lucky enough to share her healing and her connection to spirit are truly blessed. She united with each of my daughters' spirits prior to their arrival on this earth. She helped us all become acquainted with each other before they were physically present. Shirin acted as a runner during each of my daughters births. She was able to protect each of their sweet spirits from any negative outside energies as they made the transition from the metaphysical into our world. Even though she was not with us physically on each of those days, we felt her presence so great in the room protecting all of us. Shirin is an angel. She has helped my family really see the magic that lies within each of us."

Melissa Price

"Shirin was born to be a teacher. She created such a safe and warm environment. My favorite part of class was Shirin and how wonderfully natural and gracious she is in her teachings and love."

Audrey Naiman, esthetician


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