8 Fresh Takes on Improving Your Mental Health

When you feel your stress levels building, it’s important to change your frame of mind before you’re overwhelmed by anxiety. Finding unique ways to deal with stressors is key to limiting their impact and getting you back into a healthier mindset. Here are eight ideas from Shirin aka The Reset Queen you may not have considered for restoring mental balance.

1. Get Out of Your Work Rut

With recent studies labeling job stress the “new normal,” it’s not surprising that work is a major source of anxiety. When your job is the cause of your issues, pivoting into a more successful, fulfilling career by going back to school may be the solution. Make the process worry-free by finding an accredited online institute with flexible attendance options and competitive tuition to earn your degree without sacrificing your full-time income or neglecting family responsibilities.

2. Spend More Time at Home

If it’s not your job but rather the time you devote to it...

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