8 Fresh Takes on Improving Your Mental Health

When you feel your stress levels building, it’s important to change your frame of mind before you’re overwhelmed by anxiety. Finding unique ways to deal with stressors is key to limiting their impact and getting you back into a healthier mindset. Here are eight ideas from Shirin aka The Reset Queen you may not have considered for restoring mental balance.

1. Get Out of Your Work Rut

With recent studies labeling job stress the “new normal,” it’s not surprising that work is a major source of anxiety. When your job is the cause of your issues, pivoting into a more successful, fulfilling career by going back to school may be the solution. Make the process worry-free by finding an accredited online institute with flexible attendance options and competitive tuition to earn your degree without sacrificing your full-time income or neglecting family responsibilities.

2. Spend More Time at Home

If it’s not your job but rather the time you devote to it that’s wearing on your mental health, consider working remotely. When you no longer waste time commuting, you’ll free up hours each week to devote to stress-reducing activities like exercising, gathering with your family, sharing healthy meals, and getting enough shut-eye.

3. Simplify Your Space

Once you’re at home more, you’ll feel more balanced if you prioritize tidiness. Clutter’s negative impact on stress levels and your ability to focus makes it crucial to pare down and simplify so your home environment fosters positivity, health, and healing rather than frustration.

4. Serve Others

People who volunteer report being happier about life than those who rarely or never engage in outreach. Whether it’s the rewarding feeling volunteers experience or the increased social connection that comes from joining in to support a cause, there are personal benefits to be had through giving back.

5. Adopt a Pet

Fostering connections that improve mental health isn’t solely a people-to-people endeavor. Adopting and caring for an animal instills a sense of purpose while replacing negative emotions with nurturing ones. A pet provides love and comfort while asking for little in return.

6.Tap Your Healing Energy

Courses in energy channeling teach you the path to self-healing and enlightenment. You'll learn techniques to unblock soothing energy and rebalance emotions that put you in control of your own mental health.

7.Feed Your Brain

While you may already know the body benefits of eating healthful meals, Mental Health America explains that what you consume also affects your mental state. Upping your intake of vitamin B-12, folate, and omega-3 fatty acids reduces depression while eating more unrefined carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and grains keeps energy levels steady and balances mood.

8.Practice Gratitude

Psychology Today points out that reflecting on what makes you thankful restores positivity by stimulating the release of mood-boosting dopamine and serotonin. Whether you speak your gratitude aloud to those you appreciate or just carve out time each day to acknowledge what you’re thankful for, these small moments of feeling good chip away at stress and anxiety.

The next time you feel your stressors controlling your perspective, try one or more of these unique tools to mentally reset. From taking the big leap of returning to school to building simple habits such as expressing gratitude, deploying fresh tactics may be just what you need to improve your mental health.

 Reset Queen offers a unique combination of healing approaches specifically tailored to each individual. Connect with Shirin today to learn more! [email protected]


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