5 Ways to Honoring and Loving Your Inner Child

The little inner child within is really asking for your attention and focus.

No matter how we were loved and cared for by the best parents in the world or the worst one, for the most part, parents do the best that they can.

But no matter how much we loved or cared I don’t believe any children out in the world feel 100% fully loved all the time.

There’s hurt from different things, schoolmates, parents scolding, from siblings that create hurt that we don’t understand at that moment, and when we don’t understand something, it gets locked away.

Those parts of us that don’t understand stay locked or particalize. When we have this pouty inner child out there, and not in our wholeness and scattered somewhere out there and hurt,  we don’t have our whole full potential for what we're doing 

Observe our inner child, recognize our inner being and provide unconditional love adoring love for our inner children.

To recognize your inner child as a living being really looking at wondrous eyes at the world and finding that place within ourselves where we bringing that innocence back in the world where we are right now.

There's so much unstable energy, things are unknown and the little kids in us asking our attention.

Here are 5 ways to honor and love your inner child.

  1. Put a picture out - Find a place in your home. Imagine meeting your younger self.
  2.  Write a letter to your inner child - Letting our inner child know that we hear them and acknowledge their pain can shift you from thinking in pain to healing and rebuilding.
  3. Recognizes and honor your inner child every day - Embrace and listen to what your inner child wants to say and how to be cared for and honored with the top priority. 
  4. Meditation - There are many benefits of meditation for both physical and mental health, but some of them are specifically related to inner child work. It can be a great way to make yourself more receptive to solutions. Meditation also helps you become more at ease with uncomfortable feelings. Particularly when they aren't encouraged to express themselves, children sometimes have difficulty naming negative emotion.
  5. Bring back the joys of your inner child - Both playfulness and relaxation are crucial for maintaining good mental health. Making time for pleasure and reconnecting with your playful side might help ease the pain of missing out on what you needed as a child if your childhood lacked good experiences. It's also important to make time for little joys such ice cream after a stroll, playing games with your significant other or kids, and laughing with friends.

This part of you can generate enormous energy, joy, and creativity in your life. Calling in, honoring, and loving our inner child.

Communicate with our inner child and find ways to improve our relationship with this part of ourselves.

The aim is to be completely connected to the Source, to the Earth, and to our whole being. Feel supported, grounded and empowered, manifesting your highest and best dreams, join us in Ready Set RESET and witness your powerful transformation to your highest potential!


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