Remote Private Sessions - Your personal RESET

These sessions are designed to clear blocks from a cellular and DNA level to your macro Spirit, and reconnect you to your truth and highest potential through a powerful transformation guided with ease and grace.

This is how my remote sessions work:

Once you’ve paid and we start our work together, you will send me a brief explanation of the issues you want to clear/work through in an audio or video of 5 minutes or less. I will choose a time to do your remote healing session, and I will report back on what I found and the next steps. On your end, you'll have to tune into an integration meditation, which I will provide, for 3 consecutive nights from the date I do your remote session. After that, you'll have two chances to write me an email with any questions related to the work of this session. Click here to read more details.

To begin, please complete the questionnaire and declare what you intend to transform in your life.


What is the process for a remote session:

As the client, you will provide a concise 2-3 paragraph email with the issue you want us to work through. You'll share briefly about the related details, such as when this issue began and what ways you have addressed it so far.

Then, you will add a one-paragraph description of the best possible outcome for what you are focused on.

Alternatively, you can provide a voice memo with all these details via email if you prefer to record an audio instead of typing an email.

You will need to give me (Shirin) permission to work on you, so please provide that either in writing at the end of your email or in your voicemail.

I will email you with a plan and any questions I may have to clarify your request further.

Once all is clear and we are on the same page with the steps forward, the remote healing process, which is a 3-day process, will begin.

You will be given a guided audio meditation to listen to for 3 consecutive nights right before you fall asleep.

I will communicate via email regarding the remote healing work. You will receive a summary of the work done within 24 hours following the session. I will send you an email or a voice memo with the results.

You'll have the opportunity to send me 1 to 2 emails with questions after I do your remote session and send you feedback.

Your job is to continue strengthening the transformation work with the follow-up steps or any homework given, as well as the nightly guided audio meditations.

After the 3 nights are completed, a guided audio meditation will be sent to you to help integrate fully the session work that has taken place.

So, your session will include:

  • Remote healing work (3-day process)
  • One audio meditation to listen to for 3 consecutive nights as you're falling asleep.
  • One audio meditation to integrate the healing work, to complete after the 3-day process.

To begin, please complete the questionnaire and declare what you intend to transform in your life.


“I’ve known Shirin for many years through a mutual friend, it was when we started working together I was able to experience her wonderful gifts of healing, she knows exactly where to go to rapidly unblock your issues from the past to present. Her gentle voice just flows and encourages the natural healing process to happen with grace an ease. I was left feeling positive, free, and relaxed after each session.  If you’re feeling stuck, blocked or held back in some way, I highly recommend you experience Shirin’s amazing healing work.”

Nicky Boyer

"I am forever grateful to Shirin for healing me from the nightmares & post traumatic stress from witnessing the World Trade Center being blown up from less than a hundred yards, along with childhood P.T.S.D. She is a very special person and I always give my testimony to people about her facilitating my healing, her wonderful sense of humor, and her remarkable gifts. I brag about her all the time. When something is wonderful regardless of what it is, I express great passion for the various forms of goodness and excellence that Spirit has given me, whether it is music, healing, massage, food, the arts, etc. Thanks again, Shirin - you are the best!"

Denny Mourouse, saxophonist, composer

"My private session was magnificent! Shirin was able to help me bust through old programming and beliefs that I had had about men, women, relationships and power. I have been single for almost 10 years, and believed it was what I really wanted and that I didn't want to be in a relationship. Actually, it was limiting beliefs and fear that was holding me back. My session with Shirin was a true revelation! With kindness, she helped me to realize and acknowledge the hurt that was the cause of these beliefs. We released old resentments, anger and fear. It's like I could feel an old wound inside of me healing. After our session, I found that gracefully, space was created in my heart and my life for a beautiful, mutual, sacred partnership. I am so joyful!"


"Six years ago, I had a stroke. The left side of my body was affected and for two months I couldn't walk or drive. With the help of a physical therapist and healing sessions from Shirin, I recovered the use of my left side within six months! Shirin still works on me once a week, and it is a heavenly feeling. She made me realize that life is precious. I am 75 now and I have gratitude for my health and am enjoying my life. I am very grateful for what Shirin has done and continues to do for me."

Manijeh Meftah, Grandmother and Shirin's mother

"Only the personal sessions can top the training because of the opportunity to experience Shirin's insight. I had the opportunity to experience it in one of the most difficult period of my life (because of the loss of a family member) and I constantly remember her words and her perspective on this matter which transformed my way of dealing with it and made me achieve a new awareness about life. I just love Shirin and her work and I trust her completely."

Zena, artist, author, performer

"The private sessions I have had with Shirin have all been so helpful to me. No matter what we work on, emotional, physical, mental...I always feel tremendously better after these sessions. Shirin is so kind, patient, and honest. Her highly intuitive insight and special level of understanding for situations make it so easy and pleasurable to sit with her."

Hoda Parvinchi, professional makeup artist and student of acupuncture


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