Breaking Out of Familiar Patterns: Embracing Change and Growth

In our daily lives, it's easy to fall into familiar patterns and routines. While they offer comfort and stability, they can also become limiting and hinder personal growth. Breaking out of these patterns is essential for self-discovery, embracing new experiences, and fostering personal development.

My own personal example is the familiar pattern of anger that really pulls me under. Being in the healing world for 30 plus years and doing healing sessions, I somehow grew up to understand in myself that I'm a peace bringer, and I'm a medicine person, and I don't really allow myself anger.

It’s going to be your very own, it could be fear, it could be indecisiveness, it could be worrying, but it's something that seems to be your go-to, and it sucks you right in. One of the ways is to imagine there's a pathway in front of you, and you've got a wheelbarrow, and you're moving it down the same pathway every day. There's going to be a groove created in that path in front of you, and then...

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