6 Ways to Grow Your Wedding Fund With a Side Gig

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Hosting all of your loved ones on your wedding day isn’t cheap! Lots of couples who are in the thick of wedding planning try to make a little extra income to put towards their big day. By working with wedding stylists and making a strong effort to save more, you’ll be able to afford the celebration of your dreams.

If you’re interested in launching a side hustle to put away more money, these tips from The Reset Queen will help you get started!

Come Up With Ideas

First, it’s important to decide what kind of side hustle you want to start. Narrowing down on a specific idea can help you plan efficiently. Owner recommends tutoring online, providing pet care services, or becoming a freelance writer, graphic designer, or social media manager.

The best side hustle for you depends on your marketable skills. Look over your resume and consider your work history and professional accomplishments - what can you offer to clients based on your skill set?

Launch a Business

While you could work part-time for another company as your side gig, you’ll likely enjoy more autonomy by starting your own small business. If you do plan to open a brand new business, you’ll need to explore how to start a company with ZenBusiness.

Start by selecting a business structure that works for you. An LLC is common, but there are other options. Before you file any paperwork, double-check that your preferred business name isn’t already being used by another company! You should also take some time to read up on the specific filing requirements and necessary fees in your state, or you can work with a formation service that will handle all of the requirements for a small fee.

Market Your Services

Once you’ve landed on a business idea and completed the filing process, you can begin marketing your company and connecting with your very first customers! Your marketing strategy can incorporate offline advertising techniques and digital promotion methods.

You may want to put up flyers at local coffee shops, start social media accounts for your company, build a website so that people can patronize you online, or simply network with your friends and family in person to let them know what you’re offering!

Set Up Invoicing Process

If you're a freelancer or working a side hustle, chances are good that you've had at least one experience of waiting on a payment that's way overdue. It's frustrating, and it can really put a damper on your business cash flow. To avoid this situation, it's important to have a clear and concise invoicing system in place. Make sure to state clearly what the invoice is for and when payment is due, be sure to include all the necessary information on your invoice, and send your invoices in a timely fashion.

If you’d like to create customized invoices, consider using an online invoice generator. This free tool allows you to create branded invoices from predesigned templates. You can add your terms and then upload your own images. You can even modify the template to align with your branding colors and fonts, while also including your logo.

Balance Your Time

When you’re working full-time, planning your wedding, and running a side hustle, it can quickly feel like your schedule is getting out of control. At the end of each day, you may still have a long to-do list, and part of you might be wondering if you’ll ever be able to keep up with all of your commitments.

In order to effectively manage your time when you have so much on your plate, Money Magpie notes that you can wake up an hour or two earlier to essentially “create” a little extra time in your day that you can use to catch up on errands or focus on your side hustle.

Manage Your Savings

As you start bringing in more money through your side hustle, and your overall income grows, it’s easy to be tempted into splurging on fancy wedding decor or vendors that are outside of your budget. Talk to your partner about creating a smart budget that aligns with your financial goals without sacrificing important aspects of your wedding vision, like guest comfort or tasty food. Think about how you can use this extra money to cover wedding necessities and splurge on a few of your priority vendors rather than inflating your expectations for the big day.

Planning a wedding is pricey - but you don’t have to go into debt to host a fantastic party! By starting a side hustle, you can increase your income and use the additional savings to cover wedding expenses. It’s also important to work with an experienced and licensed minister like Shirin (aka The Reset Queen) to keep things on time and on budget.


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