DNA Activation

Reset Your DNA To Your Highest Potential

Do you want to activate your dormant potential? Heal and repair your DNA. Activate your fountain of youth.

Join in my DNA Activation class to activate your Dormant Potential.
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At DNA Activation class, you will learn...


DNA is passed down to us from our parents and beyond and it is also damaged by the environment and a whole lot of it is simply dormant.

Learn how to powerfully activate your dormant DNA, fountain of youth, and heal and repair damaged DNA.

Your transformation deserves all your attention! Give yourself all the assistance you can give, to make the most impact in this world.

The world needs you right now. Your inner circle needs you right now. You need you right now. Show up for yourself and activate your fullest potential!

What’s included:

  •  4 Live Online Classes plus Video Recordings
  • Audio guided meditation CD’s Theta Waves Disc 1 and 2 
  • Free Yourself From Insomnia


Amy Wilson, Independent Film Maker

"I've been working with Shirin for over a year, and in that time I've cultivated a stronger, deeper, more significant relationship to my own capacity for love and light. She is a powerful woman, with a tremendous capacity to facilitate healing and growth."

Audrey Naiman, Esthetician

"Shirin was born to be a teacher. She created such a safe and warm environment. My favorite part of class was Shirin and how wonderfully natural and gracious she is in her teachings and love."

Sonal Shah Taylor MD, Owner at Rasayana Wellness

Shirin is one of the most gifted healers I have worked with.  Not only is she extremely warm and kind but she is a powerful instrument for personal evolution and growth.  Whenever I have the chance to work with her, I feel a full body reset and the ongoing worries seem to fade to an absolute presence.  I am so grateful that she is doing her work. I would definitely recommend her healing for all those looking for a deeper connection to themselves.

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