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Ready...Set...RESET Activation Platform

What's included in your monthly membership?

  • Weekly reset every Wednesday, 10AM Kauai HST, 1PM Pacific PDT, 4PM Eastern EST
  • 30-40 minute live calls through Zoom + video recordings.
  • Monthly New Moon Manifestation circles, live + video recording.
  • Access to audio meditations on the membership platform.
  • 10% discount off any future courses.

We carry incredible power and confidence in our daily lives when we are functioning from a place of wholeness and connection. The biggest benefit you can receive is by committing to staying aligned and empowered, regardless of life’s circumstances. A weekly reset is your time to create a powerful intent and focus on the manifestations you are creating in your life. It is a time to gather together and feel supported within a community who are all focused on their expansion and growth. 

Our weekly resets will be held live online, with recordings of sessions available for those who prefer to participate according to their own schedule. Each session will be approximately half an hour. Sessions will begin with a multi layer clearing of your space, tapping into theta brainwaves, and creating the connection to the place of stillness and light. Next will be a focus point for that week’s reset topic. This is followed by a manifestation meditation to bring direct attention to what you are bringing into your life, and there will be some time to answer questions at the end of each live session.

We get busy in our daily lives and forget to nourish the most important part of us, the only part that we get to keep beyond this earthly life… To enrich our soul and grow spiritually is the biggest gift we can give ourselves and it will have the most profound effect in our own life as well as the lives we affect. It is the best service to humanity as each ripple adds more to the expansion of light.

Join us and let’s grow our lights together.

“If not now, then when? If not you, then who?”

What people are saying...

“I love my Ready Set Reset classes with Shirin. Shirin is an incredible teacher. All her classes are very potent. They have been life-changing for me, that they have helped me to develop the deepest connection with Creator. Shirin’s classes continue to provide me with the amazing tools where I am able to independently do my own inner work. I often repeat the recordings of her classes over and over again because I find them to be so useful. Being in Shirin’s Ready Set Reset brings me so much clarity, balance, love and unimaginable support in my life. It is the BEST investment I have made in my personal development, hands down. I assure you that Shirin’s classes will bring more self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence and allow you to live a higher quality of life. I highly recommend her classes. Gift yourself Shirin’s classes and bring her graceful presence into your life today.” - Iram Soomro


“Shirin, I am so grateful for your wisdom, love, and teaching. Even though I'm unable to take the live classes, the recordings truly pack a punch! Please let people know that they will definitely benefit from taking the classes even on replay. Learning from you is easy. I've come such a long way over the past few weeks. Feeling the connection as I did today transcends everything. I can still feel those tears of joy and release. Recorded or live, Ready Set Reset just works. Thank you from my heart.” - Lorraine Lawton