Imagine walking through life and all its storms feeling rooted, grounded and connected to Source. Imagine feeling the confidence that you are clear and making clear decisions in your life, feeling stable and at peace. What a freedom and power is revealed to us through accessing and expanding our intuitive abilities. A person who has mastered his or her intuition is connected with Source, feeling empowered and in balance.
Let me show you how!

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"Shirin's online classes and private sessions are instrumental in my personal transformation. I need a strong practice and taking Shirin's weekly online class connects me with a community that supports me in practicing new behaviors and attitudes with consistency. Private sessions give me a separate space to work on more specific, personal issues. I also use her audio recordings to help when I get off track. All of my work with Shirin has brought me ever closer to my truest self, my highest path and is leading me into a more joyful life, filled with self-love. Thank you, Shirin!"

Sheryl Allen, Project Manager

"Shirin is a genuinely wise, playful, and empathic soul with a gift for teaching. She combines a deep knowledge of her subject, great storytelling, real generosity of spirit, and practical guidance which brings the material down to earth. Her work is highly recommended!"

Terry Gilmaster Ebinger, MS, spiritual director, coach and educator

"I have never experienced sooo much in my life. The changes are far beyond any of the changes that I have had from all the years of counseling, self help thru many different books and seminars. You did warn us of change, and it happened. I do love it, the change feels right, it feels good. I can remember when I quit drinking, 23 years ago, that my life changed. Its like I woke up, I looked around myself to see that what I had around me I didn't like. I made immediate changes. I did it again after the Advance Class. I personally, will recommend you and the Theta Healing Classes to anyone who has doubt or questions in their lives, or if they are looking for a direction in life. I feel you are a blessing in my life."

Gene LeBoeuf, building contractor

"Shirin's classes and her presence enrich my life. I enjoy both at every opportunity. I love "going into Theta" and staying there as much as possible."

Pam Stanton, RN, BSN, hospice nurse


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