At DNA Reset class, you will learn...



DNA is passed down to us from our parents and beyond and it is also damaged by the environment and a whole lot of it is simply dormant.

Learn how to powerfully activate your dormant DNA, fountain of youth, and heal and repair damaged DNA.

Your transformation deserves all your attention! Give yourself all the assistance you can give, to make the most impact in this world.

The world needs you right now. Your inner circle needs you right now. You need you right now. Show up for yourself and activate your fullest potential!

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Shirin, you are a wonderful teacher. You were born to teach. I enjoy your classes so much that I have sat in on them over and over and over again - I can never get enough of your classes. I have learned so much from both your beginners and advanced classes. It is a skill that is so valuable, I apply in my life very often and I can't think of a better person to have learned it from than you. Thank you, for this amazing gift you have given us through your teaching.


Hoda Parvinchi, professional makeup artist and student of acupuncture

Shirin is a natural teacher who lifts your spirits while you learn and explore your inner and outer self. I have been working with her for over three years now and always feel like I'm gaining new skills, while I embrace new techniques into my life and feel so much better for having been in her classes. And all without commuting, parking, finding the classroom or driving home after so much relaxation when I'd rather just chill afterwards with no hassle. I give Shirin my highest recommendation!


Yvonne Walker, San Francisco, Professional Astrologer

Shirin's online classes and private sessions are instrumental in my personal transformation. I need a strong practice and taking Shirin's weekly online class connects me with a community that supports me in practicing new behaviors and attitudes with consistency. Private sessions give me a separate space to work on more specific, personal issues. I also use her audio recordings to help when I get off track. All of my work with Shirin has brought me ever closer to my truest self, my highest path and is leading me into a more joyful life, filled with self-love. Thank you, Shirin!